It's Here

Well my new post is up, with a new address to go along with it.


This blog will stay active until I can figure out if I can merge the info to my new one. Hope you like the new entry, and yes I'll update it regularly.



Coming Soon!!!!

Your mind is not playing tricks on you. I'm Back!!! After a winter break I'm ready to get back in the game. D generation is getting a make over for 2005. Currently I'm composing a new entry and will have it up soon. With the relaunch of d generation also comes a web new address. I won't reveal it just yet, but when it's ready you'll know. D Generation II Coming Soon!


Show and Tell

Victory is Ours!!!
They said we couldn't do it!!! Brad and Jen happend to marry on the same date as Xia and I. All night during our wedding people were talking smack. "Ohh Brad and Jen are perfect", "They're such a great couple", blah blah blah!!! People were taking bets as to who would last longer, Bradiffer or Xiadan. Well guess what Dad, you owe me a C-Note. Never bet against a Diaz!!!

Orang Bowl Madness:
I worked the game on the 4th, and this is the view from my station. I wasn't cheering for Sooners or the Trojans, but there was a great atmosphere in and around the stadium. Congrats to USC, they beat Oklahoma silly.
Orange Bowl

Xia purchased new cell phones for X-Mas / my Birthday. Its a sweet new camera phone we got through Cingular, the Samsung - E317. This phone is super light compared to my old one. The best is, we actually can connect from inside the house. Let me know if I didn't email you with our new phone numbers. If you ask nicely I'll send you a picture of Xia trashed after a heavy night of drinking during New Years. Ahh what the hell here's a preview. Remember only if you ask will you see the really good ones.

Hope you holdiays went well.


Tsunami Relief

I know the New York Post is a safe haven for Bush supporter, but this article makes some valid points.

USA Today also printed an interesting piece on support coming from the U.S. citizens, and charitable groups.

On a personal note Xia and I made a donation to the Red Cross a few days ago. Watching the events unfold on TV made it seem so unreal, yet painful at the same time. I'm not writing this to bring praise or recognition for what we did. We didn't do it to make us feel better about ourselves. We did it because it seemed to us like it was the right thing to do. In all honesty I feel worse that we couldn't do more. I write this in the hope that someone, anyone who has never thought about donating funds before, (like myself) thinks twice about this situation.

-Dan y Xia


Can You Help?

I'm listing a few sites and phone numbers where donations can be sent for the Tsunami Relief Fund.

American Red Cross
1-800 HELP NOW


It looks like they will also match your donation.
Phone: 212-537-0500